Plunge Results (October, 2018)



Greyhounds continue their hot streak after a rare down patch earlier in the year, while Harness maintain their excellent strike rate, despite shorter average prices across the board. An up and down month for thoroughbreds, with ANZ managing a small profit, while the hot streak of UK/Ireland stalls on the back of a ridiculously high run of 2nd placings in particular, remembering POT results below are based on a flat 1 unit stake per plunge to WIN only, not factoring in each way or place betting strategies. Those who play such strategies would’ve had a much better run, with place strike rates still sound despite the dip in winners. High level summary as follows:

  • Greyhounds AUS: 48 winners, 72 placings from 85 alerts
  • Harness AUS: 28 winners, 36 placings from 43 alerts
  • Thoroughbreds ANZ: 59 winners, 99 placings from 126 alerts
  • Thoroughbreds UK/Ireland: 15 winners, 47 placings from 63 alerts.


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