Plunge Results (November, 2018)



Greyhounds continue their hot streak for another month, clearly leading the way from an overall ROI perspective, as they have done so since we first introduced the race type back in May, 2017. Thoroughbreds across all locations (Australia, New Zealand, United Kingdom and Ireland) all improved significantly also throughout November, in particular UK/Ireland which bounced back after a drop in October. Harness was the only race type to end up negative, despite a good start, with the smaller average price, meaning the margin for error with harness is smaller and high winning strike rates are required to stay in the black.

High level summary as follows:

  • Greyhounds AUS: 52.3% winners, POT (profit on turnover) +13.8 units
  • Thoroughbreds UK / Ireland: 40% winners, avg price $3.12, POT +7.0
  • Thoroughbreds ANZ: 50.7% winners, 84.2% placings, POT +4.7 units
  • Harness AUS: 53.3% winners, 80% placings, POT -6.54 units
  • OVERALL: 48.7% winners, 80.2% placings, POT +18.96 units


** Average price and POT based on top tote end prices available. Note: In many instances Plunge (trigger) price results in better price/POT/ROI, however for consistency purposes the above summary is based on top tote and flat stake on win only basis.

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