Plunge Results (December, 2018)


UK / Ireland thoroughbreds returned to the top of the Plunge tree to finish 2018 in style with healthy POT (PRofit on Turnover) of +27.4% throughout December, 2018. Interestingly, it was the race type with the lowest winning strike rate percentage at 40.3%, however most importantly again with the highest average odds (by far) at a healthy average of $3.46 per Plunge triggered.

Greyhounds had yet another profitable month (+7.1%), while harness returned into the black after a losing month in November with a POT of +7.5%. Unfortunately, ANZ thoroughbreds prevented a clean sweep of profit for the month with a much larger number of notifications triggered for the month, resulting in a loss of -3.2% despite 71 winners. Not sure if we had a lot of social/festive season punting, but a definitely spike in terms of runners who met the necessary criteria.

As a result, a very profitable month for those who play all race types, with an overall winning strike rate of 49.9%, 78.4% top three finishes, and most importantly an overall profit on turnover of +38.8%!

High level summary as follows:

  • Thoroughbreds UK/Ire: 40.3% winners, avg price $3.46, POT +27.4%
  • Harness AUS: 63% winners, 83.7% placings, POT +7.5%
  • Greyhounds AUS: 54.7% winners, 78.9% placings, POT +7.1%
  • Thoroughbreds ANZ: 46.1% winners, 82.2% placings, POT -3.2%
  • OVERALL: 49.9% winners, 78.4% placings, POT +38.8%


** Average price and POT based on top tote end prices available. Note: In many instances Plunge (trigger) price results in better price/POT/ROI, however for consistency purposes the above summary is based on top tote and flat stake on win only basis.

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