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PLUNGE is an Australian owned and operated horse racing utility providing users with real time market movements prior to Australian and New Zealand thoroughbred, harness and greyhound racing events, in addition to thoroughbreds from across the United Kingdom (UK) and Ireland. Additionally, both Drifters and Early Saturday Movers are now also available, specifically for Australian thoroughbred racing.

Gone are the days you need to be sitting in front of the TV or alongside your local bookie all day long, waiting for the ‘smart money’ to arrive. Not to mention those frustrating instances when you get home from a hard day’s work, only to see winners you ‘would have backed’ had you been aware at the time.

Notifications are based on statistical data and are only triggered when certain conditions of our series of algorithms are met. The algorithms have been shaped and defined on the back of thorough analysis and testing to find the ideal balance between ROI (return on investment), winning strike rate and the average number of notifications on any given day.

Users have the ability to easily specify which days of the week they would like to receive notifications, for which race types (thoroughbred, harness and/or greyhound), which location (Australia, New Zealand, and/or United Kingdom/Ireland), in addition to additional options such as Drifters and Early Saturday Movers (applicable for Australian racing only). Each of which can be turned off/on as often as you like.

Simple and easy to use. It’s all about serving you the right information at the right time. Plunge is a new tool to add to your punting toolkit in order to gain that competitive edge over the bookies. Enjoy and it would be awesome if you could help spread the word. Happy punting.

The app is available on both iOS (Apple) and Android devices, available for download from both the Apple and Google Play app stores below:


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