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PLUNGE has taken the Australian racing industry by storm and recently expanded with success into the UK (United Kingdom). Plunge provides users with real time notifications, shaped around a series of carefully crafted algorithms. These algorithms shaped and continuously refined and optimised on the back of proven, statistical data.

Notifications are only triggered when certain conditions within our series of algorithms are met. All algorithms strive for the optimal balance between ROI (return on investment), winning strike rate and a manageable number of notifications on any given day. It’s no good to simply provide you with a notification for every movement across every race in Australia and beyond, so we strive to provide the ‘right’ movements which occur at the ‘right’ time, and/or within the ‘right’ situations / scenarios.

Users can specify days of the week, race type(s) (thoroughbred, harness and/or greyhound) and location(s) (Australia, New Zealand, United Kingdom) they wish to be notified about and each can be turned off/on as often as you like.

Simplicity is key. Easy to use. It’s all about serving you the right information at the right time. Plunge is the must have utility to add to your punting toolkit in order to gain that competitive edge.

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