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What is Plunge?

Plunge is a racing tool that provides users with real-time alerts shaped around historical data, market fluctuations and other key metrics prior to thoroughbred, harness and greyhound racing events. The app is considered by many as an invaluable tool to any punter’s toolbox, whether it’s to run alongside your own form analysis, overlaid against your favourite tipsters, and/or to simply use for a social flutter amongst friends.


How does Plunge work?

Alerts are only triggered when the relevant conditions within our series of carefully crafted algorithms are met. Our algorithms are constantly refined and enhanced, striving for the optimal balance between ROI (return on investment), winning strike rate and the number of alerts on any given day. It’s about quality over quantity.


Why should I take the Plunge?

Simplicity is key. Built by racing enthusiasts for fans of all levels, we’ve made our app extremely easy to navigate and use. It’s all about serving users with the right information at the right time. Plunge is a must-have utility to add to any punting toolkit, in order to gain that competitive edge!


What the punters say!

What the punters say!

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